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Project Vibe is a non-profit music program, established to provide you - a musician looking for the next challenge, a creative space and supportive program to challenge and inspire you.  You may be wondering... How much experience do I need to join?  Am I good enough?  The answer is simple.  Yes, you are good enough, and yes if you are on this page reading this now you are ready.  How do we know?  Because we have opportunities for musicians of all ages and abilities and we will customize your band or educational program to match your musical interests, age, and ability.  We have been successfully matching musicians since 2012, and look forward to finding the perfect fit for you, at whatever age or ability you are right now.  

How does it work?

We start by congratulating you for taking this big step on your musical journal and contacting us to learn more about Project Vibe.  We ask questions about your musical background, genres you enjoy playing or listening to, and your goals on your instrument.  Then we add you to our Project Vibe waiting list, of musicians seeking bands or solo artists seeking enrollment into the program.  Once the right group of musicians joins the waiting list, or a spot opens in an existing band, or a solo artist time slot comes available we contact you.  Then if you feel this is a great fit for you to try, you will join our program for a 1 month trial period, or you can decline the opportunity and stay on the waiting list . Then if you enjoy yourself after your first month, you will enroll into Project Vibe as a regular member. 

What can I expect?

Each week you will come to our professional recording studio, Dominelli Studios in Campbell Park, St. Albert (2 minutes from Servus Place).  You will attend your rehearsal for 1.5 hours weekly, where you will have your rehearsal in the live room of a real recording studio with all amps, drums, an acoustic grand piano, keyboard, and more.  You will spend each rehearsal working with your band coaches on learning songs, writing music (if you are interested), having instrument specific instruction, and gaining education on equipment setup the music business and other important info to cultivate a deep understanding of the big picture of music.  

On the last week of each month, all of the bands get into the community and perform at a local music venue instead of attending a rehearsal.  We host performances at many different venues including Cafe Blackbird, Shakers Roadhouse, Fionn McCools, Naked Cyber Cafe, Cha Island, and more.  Your band coaches will be in attendance at the performance to provide feedback and a workshop environment so that performers can learn from each other and families can experience the growth of each performer 1 month at a time.  

We also continuously record and release music onto iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.  Our coaches work with all musicians on the songwriting process, release of music, marketing and distribution, and all aspects of building their unique brand.  Each rehearsal is recorded so that artists can hear their process, and continue to build upon the previous week's work.  Then, when ready, we embark upon recording the final tracks for each instrument, mixing and editing together, and releasing the music.  This all happens during your regular weekly rehearsal.

There are also extra performances in the community, including at Viva Italia Viva Edmonton and other local festivals and community events.  

What does it cost to become a member of Project Vibe? 

#BEINABAND For The First Time (minimum 4 members)
Time: 1 hour weekly of instruction
Amount Students Pay Per Lesson: $32.25 each lesson, including GST billed on the first of each month. 

#BEINABAND and Serious About It (minimum 4 members)
Time: 1.5 hours weekly of instruction
Amount Students Pay Per Lesson: $42.25including GST billed on the first of each month. 

Time: 1 hour weekly of instruction
Amount Students Pay Per Lesson: $47.25including GST billed at the first of each month. 

Time: 1 hour weekly of instruction
Amount Students Pay Per Lesson: $44.75including GST billed at the first of each month. 
Time: 1 hour weekly of instruction

Time: 1 hour weekly of instruction 
Amount Students Pay Per Lesson: $42.25including GST billed at the first of each month. 

CLICK HERE to let Dominelli Music know that you are interested in joining Project Vibe.