Record With Juno Nominee Sandro Dominelli


Sandro Dominelli has been recording and performing for over 30 years in the Canadian Music scene, earning him a Juno Nomination, 2 Western Canadian Music Awards, and many other accolades. His passion for working with artists in the studio started over 20 years ago in his very first studio in the old CKUA building, and has carried on into him opening his own professional recording studio in St. Albert, Alberta.

Why Choose Sandro? Having recorded such Canadian legends as Tommy Banks, PJ Perry, Jack Semple, Charlie Austin, and more - Sandro brings his experience, and industry connections, to the recording experience. His depth of understanding of the subtleties of music and sound grounds his approach in his many years of recording and performance experience.

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Dominelli Studios

Dominelli Studios is a boutique, professional recording studio that is located in the quiet area of Campbell Park in St. Albert (right off the Anthony Henday).  Owned by Sandro Dominelli, a legacy in the Canadian music industry, this is a studio that prides itself on collaborating with artists of all backgrounds to create high quality recording projects.  What can you expect when you come to Dominelli Studios - here are the steps that are taken during the recording process to support you.  

Step 1 - Consultation and Tour
The recording process begins by booking your complementary consultation and studio tour (either in person or virtual) via our Dominelli Studios Booking Portal or by emailing Sandro at  You and Sandro will discuss your vision, and make a plan for how he can best support your project.

Step 2 - Pre-Production (optional)
This is where things begin to vary a bit depending upon the needs of each artist/project/band.  Sometimes you will begin with pre-production (record a scratch or practice recording of your song) and you and Sandro will craft the sound of the project together - you may decide upon instrumentation and hiring session musicians (professional players), or even adding a section or song writing together if that is of interest.  OR if your song is more established and you have a band or would like to play solo, you may jump right into Step 3 and skip this part of the recording process.

Step 3 - Tracking
Now it's time to record your song for real.  Sandro picks the perfect microphones, pre-amps, and other gear - and then dials in your desired sound.  This is where the professional recording studio really pays off, as you are receiving the highest quality audio possible.  You will be performing in a beautiful professionally acoustically treated live room or isolation booth and and running your music through state of the art equipment.  The clarity of sound that is achieved in this way will set your music apart from the rest.  

Step 4 - Editing
Sandro now takes your recorded project and begins to "clean it up". If you played a bad chord, sung a flat note, sped up or slowed down, or had any other funky moments - this is where the studio magic comes in and Sandro goes through your track to fix all of these little imperfections.  

Step 5 - Mixing
With the editing complete, now Sandro begins to mix the song, which basically brings the music to life.  He brings in different sounds (reverb, delay, etc), adjusts volume levels, EQ, and other trade secrets to create the "sparkle" of a brilliant professionally recorded song.  

Step 6 - Mastering 
This is the final touch and prepares your music to be of radio-quality sound.  Mastering smooths out the song, adding another layer of EQ and sparkle, creating a beautiful finished product.

Step 7 - Release
It's time for the world to hear your music!  Dominelli Studios is proud to offer packages to support you in releasing your music to Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music, etc.  Visit our Dominelli Studios Booking Portal to learn more.

Professional Recording Studio


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Rehearsal Facility

Dominelli Studios offers a 450 square foot rehearsal facility, equipped with 1978 Yamaha C3 Grand Piano, Yamaha PA System, Korg B1 Electric Piano, Gretsch Jazz Drum Kit 10,12,14,18, 3 Roland Cube guitar amps, SWR 800 series bass amp, and 4 Shure SM58 Microphones with stands. 50 Hours Per Month =...

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Performance & Event Venue

Our 450 square foot venue is fully equipped with all backline, production, chairs/tables, and lighting for your event.  With a 40 person capacity, this intimate venue is perfect for small events, workshops, corporate parties and CD release parties.  We are also equipped for live recordings, so if...

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Engineer Internship Program

Interested in learning the art of studio engineering? Our internship program is an integrated system of education and real studio experience, to prepare you to become an approved junior engineer at Dominelli Studios. You will also have the real tools needed to record your own sessions at home, wit...

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